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Get Young Living Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

Young Living Essential Oils.. what does that mean?

Yes, I have been thinking the same thing for years when people have mentioned them to me, a Doula friend of mine  swears by them for her pregnant and nursing moms and the new babies but I’m done with all that (my baby is 25) so I didn’t really pay too much attention.

Then my good friend Barb started posting photos of clean and healthy + cute things for her friends and family on her Crafty Side of Essential Oils page…. well I’m all about healthy products without junk,  you already know about my Daniel Plan detox…. and these were CUTE too so it was the natural next step to find out more about “Young Living Essential Oils.”

I wanted to make lip balm, and sugar scrub and bath salts and shower bomb DIY projects for my blog and make gifts for my friends and family and the most economical way to do that was to buy the kit. You get 10+  full size bottles of essential oils not just samples along with the diffuser (I didn’t even know what that was)  but once I got the kit and set up the diffuser… My oh my! Both my hubby and I have a hard time getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Add to that he had just been injured with two cracked ribs so he couldn’t roll over on his side.. the only way he can sleep and not snore and with all the pain he wasn’t sleeping well either. After the very first night of YL essential oils in the diffuser we both slept wonderfully well, better than we had in weeks.. maybe months. He snores VERY loudly so even if he’s sleeping soundly if he’s on his back I won’t be able to, but with the diffuser.. he doesn’t snore…


stop SNORING with young living essential oils

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