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Walmart To Go Saved the Day this Thanksgiving!

Sometimes things happen and they always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

Luckily Walmart To Go came to the rescue and saved Thanksgiving at our house.

My husband was injured at work so we aren’t able to go to our family gathering that is a couple of hours away by car and I wasn’t at all prepared to make a whole meal at home. He is on bed rest and between the pets, work, cooking, laundry and cleaning, the thought of going grocery shopping was just TOO MUCH!

Then I remembered.. Walmart Grocery To Go! My husbands company gifts us with a Turkey every year that I usually just roast and use in other recipes but I needed everything else and certainly the makings for Jim’s favorite dessert, Champagne Salad (aka Pink Stuff) and Walmart had everything I needed! Frozen sliced strawberries, bananas, cream cheese, pineapple and whipped topping. #ThanksgivingSaved

All you have to do to order is log in to the Walmart Grocery To Go program. (Super simple and only takes a minute) and then go through their Walmart to go shopping list.  Everything is very organized by type and in the produce department they even offer several organic options. You can also search for specific products and brands.  If this would be your first time ordering from #WalmartToGo you can save $15 off your first order by clicking this link. 

The fee for the service is VERY low, particularly when you think about gas and time and honestly, I spend way less money this way than if I go to the store because I ALWAYS impulse buy. If you are ok with a 4 hour window then it’s even cheaper, and if the truck is going to be in your area and that upcoming date and time works for you, then it’s easier still.

I only paid $3 for my delivery and not only got the things I needed for my Thanksgiving side dishes but some pet food and craft supplies I needed too. The list to shop from is huge!

How much do I love the #walmartToGo service?? Thiiiiis much!!!!! #Walmart delivery

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