The Clumsy Gourmet gets a food taster: A 4 legged one

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Dobby Dog.. Who rescued Who? 

As a messy cook what could be better than someone who is always there to clean up after me?  Perfect right?

Well that’s honestly not why we decided to adopt a rescued puppy but it was the only way I could tie it into the Clumsy Gourmet and I absolutely had to share some pictures of my adorable pup with everyone.

The wonderful lady who found a very neglected mama dog (Yellow Lab) and her 3 mixed puppies on the side of the road in Mississippi is my hero. Not only did she save them from certain death or abuse, her friend’s animal rescue organization in Mississippi cared for them until she could get the three pups up to Aspen Colorado where she knew they would find good homes.

My husband and I have been on the lookout for a lab or retriever puppy or adult dog to rescue but wandered into the shelter not really thinking we would fall in love like we did.

Three little pups came bounding out into the yard and our little guy just stood out by being the most lovable dog we’d ever seen.  Take a look at the pics below and you’ll see what we mean.

Two organizations and two special ladies were part of this story. Please visit their websites and pass along the great news and programs that both of them have to offer.

Drifters Place in Mississippi – Rescue Rehabilitate Rehome is their mission.

Aspen Animal Shelter – Boarding Grooming and Animal Rescue

Now on to the cute puppy photos!

Isn’t he a gorgeous fellow?

Dobby’s First Day!

The rescue kitties are named Potter and Weasley so the new puppy is Dobby (ya know the house elf).

By the way we made Green Chili Chicken and Black Bean Burrito’s tonight. Dobby thought the grilled chicken was cooked to perfection and also enjoyed a nibble of cheese. I did manage to drop a couple of black beans and he seemed to think those were A-ok too.

Dobby now how his own YouTube channel, Twitter account @PoochandClaws and a whole website… visit www.Pooch&