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Pistachio Salad aka Bring the Green Stuff

Pistachio Salad the green stuff at ChristmasEvery family had food traditions particularly on the holidays that have marked their childhood for good or for bad. My kids don’t really think it’s a holiday meal unless I “Bring the Green Stuff”. I’m not sure what’s so hard about remembering the name Pistachio Salad but my family will always let me know I should ya know.. bring that green stuff I make.

This works great for Saint Patricks Day too cuz.. ya know it’s GREEN! 

Pistachio Salad Recipe

It’s hard to call this a recipe since it really is so easy to make but there are a few rules you must follow or it’s ruined.



Prepare pudding as directed on the box. Use a different bowl than the one you will use for serving (aka the pretty Christmas bowl). Set in the refrigerator to thicken.

Pineapple preparation – If everyone in your family likes pineapple then we like to use the crushed so that everyone gets some pineapple in theirs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Completely strain the juice away (using a mesh strainer) from the crushed or chunk pineapple or there will be too much liquid in your green stuff.. and you won’t be happy. If you aren’t sure if everyone is a pineapple fan then use the chunks. That way people can take them out if they want to.

Once your pudding is set comes the REALLY IMPORTANT part. 

Get out your pretty serving bowl and place the prepared pudding in the bottom, add pineapple and stir gently. Next add the contents of the thawed Cool Whip (minus a big spoonful) and FOLD GENTLY!!!!! (Men don’t get this so don’t let them help with this step!) The gentle folding is what gives the Pistachio pudding it’s interesting green and white stripped look. DO NOT just stir it.. fold gently leaving parts of your mixture pure green, pure white with the pineapple distributed.

Add the big spoonful you reserved to the top of your pretty green and white Pistachio Salad cover and chill. This can be made ahead the morning of your holiday event or family gathering.

Variations include adding marshmallows, chopped pistachios or pecans, or leaving out the pineapple.

Pistachio Salad aka Bring the Green Stuff

Pistachio Salad aka Bring the Green Stuff


  • 1 Package Jello Instant Pudding (Pistachio Flavor)
  • 2 Cups Milk
  • 1 Can Dole Pineapple (In juice)
  • 1 Container Cool Whip (Thawed)


  1. Prepare pudding as directed on package, chill to thicken.
  2. Drain pineapple thoroughly
  3. Place pudding in the bottom of the pretty serving dish
  4. add pineapple and stir gently
  5. Add Cool Whip and FOLD VERY GENTLY.
  6. Top with a dollop of Cool Whip.

We hope you enjoy our version of Pistachio Salad. Let us know if you have a different version or another must have favorite family recipe. We love guest cooks on the Clumsy Gourmet so please feel free to send in your favorite family recipe for us to share.