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Humility – What’s your definition?

I heard this quote once and it’s stuck with me… Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself… It’s thinking OF yourself LESS! (unknown)

It’s deep so say it to yourself a couple of times!

Humility quote on old wooden door photo

This just struck me as so true.  Humbleness and humility is spoken of often in the bible but I think its one of those misinterpreted words. We all speak of Jesus as humble but He knew He was the son of God so it wasn’t that he thought less of Himself, he just thought of others first, what he could do for others, how he could help others, how he could change the lives of others. Being humble is a sign of strength not weakness and comes from a place of knowledge not ignorance.

There is also another similar quote and goes something like ” you’d worry less about what other’s think of you if you knew how little they think about you”.

Most people in our society are much more obsessed with themselves and really don’t spend as much time analyzing us as we might think they do.  We sometimes beat ourselves up about something we’ve done,  something we’ve said and we let that story teller in our heads go on and on about it until we are afraid to show our face at work the next day when in reality no one else has been thinking about it at all.

What’s your favorite quote today? Why does it speak to you?


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    I’ve never heard this quote before, but I love it! It’s funny because I DID pause and read it a couple of times before I read your instruction to say it a couple of times. :) I’ll be thinking about this one a lot today.

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