Holiday Fun

Holiday fun, food, diy, decor, shopping you name it. From Valentines Day, Easter, Summer BBQ Season, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Years Eve there is always something to celebrate at the Clumsy Gourmet.

SUPERBOWL Tailgate and Potluck Recipes

Food Network Tyler Florence Teriyaki Chicken Wings Recipe

Since everyone is going to be eating in front of a big screen TV for the next few weeks I’ve compiled a list of yummy Play off Game & Superbowl recipes you can make the day of your potluck or before and freeze. HUGE Game Day Recipe List for Your Football Party Do you need some […]

Limoncello Marinated Chicken Wings

limoncello wings at marcos

Have you ever tasted something that forced you to change your whole way of thinking about a certain food? Chef Mark Dym’s Famous Limoncello- Marinated Chicken Wings did that to me. I don’t care for chicken wings, I know.. weird.. I don’t like hot sauce, wings are too messy, I try to avoid deep fat friend […]

Homemade Marshmallows for Winters Hot Cocoa

vanilla cinnamon hot cocoa update

Cozy Up This Winter with a Warm “Hug in a Mug” I was just talking to a friend about home much my girls love marshmallows and marshmallow fluff but how horrible it has got to be for you… who even KNOWS what is in those little crunchy things that come in instant cocoa? Then McCormick […]

Pistachio Salad aka Bring the Green Stuff


Every family had food traditions particularly on the holidays that have marked their childhood for good or for bad. My kids don’t really think it’s a holiday meal unless I “Bring the Green Stuff”. I’m not sure what’s so hard about remembering the name Pistachio Salad but my family will always let me know I […]

Elaine’s Apple Cranberry Pie Recipe

Elaines apple cranberry pie recipes

Just look at this beautiful pie! My cousin Elaine and I learned lots of old fashioned ways to cook from our Ukrainian Grandmother and have many shared memories of rolling out and cutting egg noodles for her chicken noodle soup with cinnamon ( I still put that in mine) and her most amazing recipe for happiness, […]

Jane’s Poor Man’s Toffee

janes mock toffee sugar butter boiling photo

My next door neighbor Jane used to make up huge platters of yummies on the holidays and then bring it to our house….and these things are just totally addictive and relatively easy to make Mock Salted Caramel Toffee with Chocolate Made with crackers, home made toffee, nuts and chocolate. I’ve also seen this called “Christmas […]

Walmart To Go Saved the Holidays

Walmart To Go Truck pulling up to my house

Sometimes things happen and they always seem to happen at the worst possible time. Luckily Walmart To Go came to the rescue and saved Thanksgiving at our house. My husband was injured at work so we aren’t able to go to our family gathering that is a couple of hours away by car and I […]

Throw a Margarita Party – 10 Festive Marg Recipes


Margarita’s always make it feel like a party but why not have a few fun variations at your shindig. The best Margarita’s have fresh ingredients like homemade sweet and sour, simple syrup and fresh fruit. Fresh peach margarita’s in the summer time are my absolute favorites! Homemade Sweet & Sour for Margarita’s Ingredients 1 cup […]