Dr Oz Fat Flush Water – Kim Lyons Diet Day 1

Dr Oz's Fat Flush Water Recipe

The one thing that almost every diet / get healthy plan in the world can agree on is to DRINK MORE WATER!! And I just don’t ever do it. It’s boring and I’d rather have a latte / margarita / glass of wine / nice microbrew… BUT that’s not going to move me towards my […]

Daniel Plan Diet combines Faith Friends Focus Fitness & Food

Daniel plan diet books

Everyone I know is looking for ways to lose weight and/or get healthy again and I’m in that group. It’s particularly hard if you are over 50.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Diet Center, Atkins, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, Cave Man, I’ve read “French Women Don’t Get Fat“, South Beach, Glycemic Index, The Zone, and […]