Clumsy Cats in the Kitchen Adventure

It’s entirely possible that I have passed down my clumsiness to my pets? I was sitting cruising Pinterest for new fun ideas when I watched this funny interchange with my two beautiful rescue kitties.. The Siamese is named H. Potter (He has a lightning scar on his head) and the Ginger Colored Tabby is of course R. Weasley… (Yes.. we are Harry Potter obsessed here at home.. note the new puppy’s name here!)

My orange guy is a bit of a dunce always.. he wants to kill a bird.. he really does.. but when he lopes across the lawn in full view of the birds and scares them all away… you can just see Potter shaking his head… my poor brother… he’s a little backwards…. as he is inching his way to a good leaping spot hidden by the garden

(NOTE: I only let them out with supervision.. and neither have ever ACTUALLY caught a bird).

Anyway.. check out this cute series of pictures of this cat adventure of the day.

The Clumsy Cat Caper

A day in the life of two clumsy curious cats caper

These two rescue guys have given us hours of cheap entertainment and are very polite in the kitchen.. they really don’t care for people food at all but they do have to inhabit the two wooden stools in the kitchen when I’m cooking just in case I happen to drop a hunk of salmon on the floor… pretty much the only thing they’ll eat that’s not from their Avoderm Salmon & Crab can of cat food.

Have any funny cat in the kitchen stories? I’d love to hear them! :)