Homemade Marshmallows for Winters Hot Cocoa

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vanilla cinnamon hot cocoa update

Cozy Up This Winter with a Warm “Hug in a Mug” I was just talking to a friend about home much my girls love marshmallows and marshmallow fluff but how horrible it has got to be for you... who even KNOWS what is in those little crunchy things that come in instant cocoa? Then … [Read more...]

Limoncello Marinated Chicken Wings

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limoncello wings at marcos

Have you ever tasted something that forced you to change your whole way of thinking about a certain food? Chef Mark Dym’s Famous Limoncello- Marinated Chicken Wings did that to me. I don't care for chicken wings, I know.. weird.. I don't like hot sauce, wings are too … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Trio : ResOILution for the New Year!

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weightloss trio young living essential oils

Getting started with the Young Living Weight Loss Trio seems like a great way to kickoff January. Just three oils are needed and two of them are in the Premium Kit #WIN! These three are one the inexpensive side too and also have a TON of other uses. Weight Loss Trip Supplies … [Read more...]

Smoothie Challenge Week 2: Adding Greens to Your Life

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#CGSmoothie challenge clumsy gourmet day 2

Blending Greens Into a Smoothie is the Easiest Way to Get More Veggies into your Lifestyle So how did everyone do? Did you try something new? Did you realize that adding greens to fruit does something magical to them? They pretty much disappear and have very little flavor when … [Read more...]

How to Smoothie: The Basics for Beginners

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365 vegan smoothies book

HOW TO SMOOTHIE! Everyone likes their smoothies a little different so the key is to keep playing with it until you find the way you like it. I add a cup of crushed ice to everything because I’m menopausal so always #Hawt! but you might like them less icy and more creamy smooth. … [Read more...]