Young Living Essential Oils at Wholesale Prices

young living diffusers for essential oils. options

Young Living Essential Oils.. what does that mean? Yes, I have been thinking the same thing for years when people have mentioned them to me, a Doula friend of mine  swears by them for her pregnant and nursing moms and the new babies but I’m done with all that (my baby is 25) so I didn’t really […]

List of Essential Oil DIY Project Supplies

DIY Essential Oils Supply List

This is IT! The Mother load List of everything you will need to make all those cool DIY Essential Oil Projects. Essential Oil Chapstick Supplies Beeswax Pellets – Get pellets and not chunks.. it melts SO much easier Organic Beeswax Pellets Chapstick Tubes Coconut Oil Agave Syrup Chapstick Tubes with Pastel Lids DIY Mascara Empty Mascara […]

Rocky Mountain Mocha Mug Cake in 3 Minutes

mocha in a mug cake

What? Cake in 3 minutes? Yes please! Seattle’s Best Coffee has been busy brewing up new recipes in their taste kitchen, including one with a little local flair just for the west – Rocky Mountain Mocha Mug Cake. You can use this recipe to take your coffee routine to the next altitude, or simply enjoy the […]