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Empty Nester Messy Cook & Crafter Who Loves to Shop Online & Eat always working to be healthier and help my family do the same!

This is also what bloggers call a lifestyle blog so you’ll also see DIY projects I’ve attempted or want to do, health, fitness and diet posts as well as great deals I see while cruising the web and want to share with my family/friends/readers. (Note those categories often bleed into each other!)

I write about:

Clean Living Tips

In your 20’s you can eat and drink whatever you want and you will be just fine, in your 30’s you start to worry about what your kids are eating and drinking so you clean up your act, for them.. but when you start into the empty nester years you realize that your body isn’t going to last forever and maybe you need to start paying attention to what you are putting in an on your body. As a new Young Living Essential Oils member I’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and directions for DIY’s using these pure therapeutic grade oils to make every day products for your body and home that are healthy for you to use and don’t have all the chemicals that swirl around us every day. You young Mom’s will want to check these out too. Have you read the ingredients on a bottle of Vicks Vapo Rub? OH My.. never will I rub any of that on my grandkids…. My 20 something girls are chapstick nuts and I always buy them lots of different “flavors” for stocking stuffers.. This year I looked at the ingredients.. Petroleum Oil is the first thing on the list.. and we all lick our lips…. so WOW.. I just made some from beeswax, Coconut Oil, Agave Syrup & Essential Oils and they are wonderful.. (DIY & Recipes SOON I promise!)

Easy recipes for cooks who aren’t perfect but love gourmet food and might just have a messy kitchen and a messy craft room!

I have a new found love for cooking.  I grew up baking because my Mom didn’t like to, and I was better at it, but now in my 40’s,  50’s I don’t have a houseful of kids to eat my big batchs of cookies, and if I do… well lets just say it’s not pretty… so I am a bonafide Food Network Junkie.  I love to grab the recipies, try them out an adjust them to my and my boyfriends husbands preference.

I have been wanting to start a food blog for about a year now… (One of those Bucket List Things To Do) but couldn’t think of a catchy name.  I follow bunches of foodies on Twitter and I always LOVE those photos they post but always wished for the recipes for those splendiferous eye candy food creations….  but they always look so perfect and YUM!

However….. I bet there are a whole bunch of other at home foodies who can create some wonderful food but aren’t perfect and might just have a messy kitchen like I do.

Please let me know if you try any of these recipes and what you did to make it your own.

See my Financial Disclosure here.. I do from time to time post affiliate links to items I liked and if you happen to buy it after clicking my link I earn a SMALL commission from that purchase. Nothing changes on your end and you’ll get the same deal you’ll find if you googled it and often I’ll have a better deal here for you as the manufacturers have given me a coupon, giveaway or code I can share with my readers.

I am PR friendly and love to work with brands that fit in with my beliefs and lifestyle. My opinions are always honest and are not for sale..

Please contact me here with questions, comments or offers. (I turned article commenting off due to the ridiculous amount of spam that is generated.. I didn’t want to miss anything important)

molten-chocolate-brownie from yaya's in Greenwood Village Colorado 5280 dessert choice

This Molten Chocolate Brownie below is the creation of the chefs at YaYa’s Euro Bistro in Greenwood Village Colorado. I haven’t gotten the recipe yet but… it’s on my Bucket List for Clumsy Gourmet To Do’s!