2 days Post Op Parathyroidectomy

I am cautiously optimistic!  I want to shout from the rooftops about how much better I feel in my body than I have for a couple of years, but I realize it might be the pain medications I’m still on.  However, even when I wait before taking the meds I can feel that my blood pressure has returned to the low normal I’ve always had before this health issue.  Also, happily all of the doom and gloom things I read about recovery which included things like…. your doctor will tell you not to smile, laugh or talk excessively, you’ll be on soft foods and liquids for a week… are totally NOT true.  My surgeon laughed when I told him about what I’d read.  I’ve often heard from doctors to NEVER look up medical things on the internet as there is as much mis-information as there is good….   So here is my experience in a hope to be encourage other women out there who are preparing for this surgery. I started in pre-op where I changed into my hospital gown, got the IV hooked up and then they let my hubby back with me. We then met my surgeon again, the surgical nurse and anesthesiologist, they were all very kind and answered all questions we had and kept the mood light and easy.  The anesthesiologist gave me a shot of happy juice to relax me before the general anesthesia.  I remember telling the nurse that wheeling through the hall to surgery looked just like I Greys Anatomy… I really don’t remember anything after that until I woke up in Post Op.  AWESOME! I didn’t want to remember a thing and I didn’t. They monitored the PTH (Para Thyroid Hormone) during the surgery to make sure the tumor they removed had fixed the problem. They found the tumor as expected from the scan and removed it, the PTH immediately went back to normal… Good news! I woke up to a bit of a sore throat from the breathing tube and very thirsty, the post op nurse was great, she stayed within view once I started coming to, gave me a few ice chips, told me the surgery went well. I was so relieved when I could talk.  I was horse, but talking just fine. She asked my pain level.. it was about 4 out of 10, they tell you to keep the pain moderated on the low end because it’s harder to fix if you let the pain get out of hand. I got a shot of happy juice and something for queasiness.  I was also given a mega does of Calcium since my system wasn’t dumping it in. Very Tricky XS Tums.. no kidding.  I take 1000 milligrams 4 times a day until I get my blood taken. I got to my room and the nurse was just great, she got me some water right away, ordered up a soft food dinner which consisted of jello, beef broth and ice cream. I couldn’t eat much but since I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours I knew I should eat something.  I was pretty much in and out of it the rest of that evening  I tried to stay awake to watch 24 with my hubby, but I don’t think I got much of it. Nighttime at a hospital is always rough. There are so many sounds and beeps and just as you go to sleep, they come to get a blood sample to check my calcium levels. I have a BIG appetite come morning and the Adventist hospitals feed you well.  I head home after lunch and hope everything continues to improve. I have to take the opportunity to first thank all of my friends and family and especially my wonderful husband for all the prayers and support I was offered throughout this process. More information on Hyper Parathyroid Disorder

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pt 3: Consultation-with-the-Surgeon
pt 2: Appointment with the Endochronologist
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  • Parathyroidectomy

    Parathyroidectomy is surgery to remove parathyroid glands or parathyroid tumors. Parathyroidectomy is recommended when one or more parathyroid glands are producing excessive amounts of parathyroid hormone.


  1. hello, my name is Venecia, I had surgery 20 days ago and don’t feel very well yet, honestly I feel worst , specailly because of the anxiety. My stomach is SOOOO upset, i don’t know if it is related to the calcium and vitamin d I am on. I read your story about two days post surgery. Would you let me know how are you doing now. I would really appreciate your honest answer. Feel free to write to my Email. [email protected]
    I will be waiting for your response. Please!

    Tahnk you very much!

    • I am about 4 months post op now and I feel much better. One thing the calcium does to your body is to cause constipation which could be causing you the stomach issues… ask your pharmacist for a good product to help with that… what symptoms are you having? My pain went away almost immediately, my heart wasn’t racing, my blood pressure is totally normal… so if you are still having symptoms you should tell your endocrinologist right away!

  2. Barbara Haralson says:

    I had parathyroidectomy on December 18, 2009 at age 61. I am so glad that I had it done. Initially, one adenoma was detected, but into surgery, it was found that three glands were involved. I was in surgery for seven hours, which was certainly longer than expected, but have recovered well. My normal blood pressure of 110/60 had elevated to 162/95 prior to the surgery. I had an episode with kidney stones and had been diagnosed with osteopenia. I am happy to say that my blood pressure is back to normal and I am not experiencing persistent bone pain and nausea. In fact, three weeks post-op, I took a two week vacation to India. I will have a bone density in a couple of months to determine bone improvement. I am exercising five days a week.

    • WOW.. That’s awesome! I went in last year to get my hip replaced and then they found this parathyroid problem…. so now that my bone density is somewhat normal I’m back in to get my hip replaced… stay tuned for news of that! You are an inspiration Barbara!

  3. Barbara Haralson says:

    Chrissy ~ Good luck with your hip replacement. I am anxious to get back my latest calcium numbers. Post surgery my calcium was at 13.2. I am sure it will test more in the normal range now. I am blessed.

  4. Barbara Haralson says:

    Whoops–pre-surgery my calcium level was 13.2. After surgery it was at 9

  5. Guadalupe Martinez says:

    Im post-op parathyroidectomy two days I’ am very soar to swallow but overall I feel well.

  6. brenda nelson says:

    I am 2 weeks and 3 days post parathyroidectomy. The first 2days were great the throat hurt of course..but day 2 and I over did it a little shopping. Day 3 it hit..tons of tingling in hands/feet. Also :) ad higher no and racing heart. Just felt awful! Called surgeon’s office to find out why the CA citrate wasn’t working…she told me to up my calcium (citrical plus d) . Was taking 4 a day..she told me to take 4 / 4x a day!!) So for any I week I took 16 horse tabs a day and also took mag. Along with this I also took 10-12 runs a day. At this point I am taking 4-6 CA and 4-5 runs. My point is..as my Dr says…you can’t take too much CA…your bones are starving and you have to do this until they are replenished… yes it’s strange. But I have found what she said to be spot on. You’ll get to the point where you won’t feel the tingling and you’ll decrease to a norm a normal dose. Just hang in there. Today was the most energy I’ve felt ..I am only getting better way day and finding new energy each day. Just hope this helps someone. The other thing is..your supposed to feel weird…it means the opportunity was a success…if we didn’t have some side effects..it might mean surgery wasn’t a success. As for me I had this at least 10 years.. so again few weeks’/ months of feeling funky might be the trade off. Just want to be positive…do your homework on your surgeon…if they do Less than 500 pthdectomies a year…you might want to keep looking. If your in Tx. Dr. Carolyn Garner in Denton is one very fine surgeon. Take care…

  7. I am one week post opt and I am not feeling right. I m having tingling in my hands and feet and numbness in my arms and legs. I am having a hard time walking or standing a long period of time. Called my surgeon a nd he said it wasn’t the calicum and I should call the endo doc. I am feeling worst then I did. I need answers going on a vacation cruise with family next week and I want to feel right. If I can’t walk it’s not going to help. I took shower I couldn’t stand long enough to get my pants on.

    • ChrissyMo says:

      That sounds like what was happening to me when my calcium levels weren’t right but for sure get in to see your doctor to get your levels tested and to see what’s going on..

  8. Today is the 2 week anniversary of my surgery, and I’m 54. We went into the surgery thinking one gland was bad; wound up taking two out. For me, the worst part of the whole thing was the sore throat from the breathing tube (about 3 days). My incision never hurt; I only felt pressure when I bent over, so I avoided doing this as best as possible for about a week.

    I’m wondering if the nausea is from your anesthesia? I tend to have this, so I mention it to the anesthesiologist before surgery and they put a medication in into my IV. If your symptoms don’t subside, definitely see your doctor soon. My endocrinologist/surgeon said if you don’t feel better after this surgery, something else is going on. Please check it out.

    Got off an airplane this past weekend, and suddenly noticed I wasn’t stiff! My joints used to ache so badly every time I sat for more than 20 minutes, I felt like I was growing old before my time. I’m also noticing I’m not falling asleep at 8:30 at night, my constipation is improved, and I’m not so cranky (my husband is especially thankful for this.) Haven’t had my BP or blood taken yet, but I’m certain they are improved. My PTH improved from 150 to 80 during my surgery, but I didn’t stay long enough to find out my 3-hour number (yes, I went home within 3 hours post-op.) I am taking 2-1000 tablets of Tums per day and 1-1000 Vitamin D which helps the calcium to absorb. Generally, I feel happy again. It’s amazing how you don’t realize how bad you’ve been feeling until you feel better. I’m so thankful for this surgery.

    I had my surgery done at UCLA, which is one of the best centers in the world. I don’t even remember being wheeled into the surgical unit, and have had no pain, which is wonderful (have had multiple surgeries, and this has never been the case.) Dr. Yamada is considered one of the best in the world for this surgery; I highly recommend him. And, my scar is barely noticable.

    Good luck to you all–give it time

  9. Tomorrow is my one week-post-op since my surgery! The one thing I noticed right away is that I no longer have trouble remembering things, and where I used to stumble in conversation, and substitute the first word in my head, I’m actually using complete sentences with no need to “work” at communicating! Not sure about the weight gain, though, since I thought that was more your thyroid, not your parathyroid? My biggest complaint post-surgery was the constant congestion I had in my head. I’d blow my nose and my mucous was streaked with blood–I was told by the nurse at the follow up call that this was normal, but I’ve never had that as a side effect of anesthesia before. It took almost 4 days before I felt ‘normal’ and not like I had a bad cold.

  10. Ruth-Ellen says:

    Hello: Just wondering if anyone out there had any long-term digestive disturbances post parathyroidectomy? I had a single parathyroid adenoma removed 10 months ago, and everything went fine with the surgery – and I had the tingling afterwards and the heart rate return to normal. Before surgery I had had two months of severe diarrhea, due to high PTH levels (212), but for a whole 6 months after surgery I was still having mild muscle weakness and hypermotility – had to eat less fibre and take Immodium a couple times a week just to feel okay. So finally after six months the weakness and diarrhea are gone, but have been replaced with lots of gas pressure and a food intolerance to wheat. Anyway I’m managing by eating rice instead of wheat, and since my diarrhea is gone I can assume that my body is slowly healing itself – but did anyone else have a long wait before they could eat completely normally again?

  11. Beverley Wood says:

    Good evening, I am 4days post-op. I had the left lobe of my thyroid removed along with a parathyroid adenoma removed. It has taken 1 year to diagnose, we had just moved to a new town. I’m thankful for my loving husband and a few new found friends who had enough faith in me not to think that I had totally lost my mind. I have left pretty good today. Just scared to completely think this is all over with. This whole experience has been one of the scariest situations I have ever had to deal with. I was told it was anxiety, reflux, had a kidney stone also. I had seen many specialist and many tests were ran. I start a new job on Monday and I sure hope that I am ready to go. I have enjoyed reading each of your stories….

  12. matt loft says:

    Hello. Im 10 days post op and im feeling tired and not quite with it. Is this a normal feeling. I was on calcium supplement for the first week. So finished them a few days ago. Im worried that how im feeling is not right for being post op



  13. I had 2 parathyroids removed on 11/1/2013. I am not feeling well at all, Im afraid I will become disable if I continue feeling like this. I feel dizzie most of the time, I cannot focus, I have brain fog and dont know what to do. First week I was taking 10 calcuim pills a day and now I lowered it to 8 but nothing has changed I not feeling like myself and Im even regreting the surgery. If some one has felt like this and then gotten better please let me know.

    • Are you taking vitamin D as well and is the calcium a good absorbable kind with Magnesium in the correct dosage? All of that is important.. if you doctor doesn’t know.. check with someone at Vitamin Cottage or somewhere like that.

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